Parents of children with disabilities know that many joys and struggles can present themselves in their own and their children’s lives. Though New York parents may do their best to care for their kids and ensure they live the fullest lives possible, they may forget to plan ahead for a time when the parents are no longer around. However, estate planning could help.

Though disabled individuals may have struggles in their lives, many people are living long lives despite their disabilities. However, these individuals may still need care long into their adult years. In a recent survey, it was reported that 77 percent of participants had disabled children who lived with them. Over 12 percent of respondents stated that they had not taken certain steps to help ensure that the needs of their children would be met in the event of their deaths.

If plans are not in place, many disabled individuals could end up in institutional facilities due to a lack instruction for other care. Of course, making plans is not always easy. Some parents may not want to discuss the topic because it can prove emotional, and others may face opposition from the other parent or loved ones who may have a say in their children’s care.

If individuals are interested in making plans for future care or setting up special needs trusts as part of their estate planning efforts, they may wish to gain more information. Taking these steps could help give New York parents peace of mind in knowing that their children will be cared for. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help parties better understand how to plan for their needs and their children’s needs.

Source:, “Many Parents of Disabled Kids Fail to Set Long-Term Care Plans“, Traci Pedersen, Feb. 12, 2018