It is not unusual for individuals to want others to understand how they would personally handle certain situations. However, there may come a time when parties are not able to effectively communicate their wishes. When it comes to personal care, not having instructions in place can seem frightening. Luckily, New York residents could utilize advance health care directives to detail their desires for care.

Some people may think that they have plenty of time to create such directives, but planning ahead may be in most individuals’ best interests. Sudden events could easily leave people incapacitated, and not having these plans in place could place loved ones in a difficult position of having to make medical decisions. If parties have specific individuals in mind to make decisions in such a situation, they can appoint health care power of attorney agents.

In order to detail the exact wishes individuals want others to know in regard to their health care, they can create living wills. These documents can indicate what type of treatment is acceptable, which is not, whether life support should be used and other important information. Therefore, parties may want to consider putting these documents in place well before they are needed.

Many New York residents may not have much knowledge regarding advance health care directives or how to utilize them. Luckily, interested individuals can gain reliable information on how to create these documents and what they can include. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help those parties understand how to use these directives in their specific circumstances.

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