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Creating a living will can benefit anyone, including a Kardashian

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Advance Health Care Directives |

Deciding how to be cared for in the event of incapacitation can be difficult for any New York resident. There may be many facets to consider, such as priorities in one’s life and how certain decisions may affect family. However, a living will can contain any instructions that individuals want carried out in the event that they cannot care for or communicate for themselves.

Having a living will can be an important aspect of anyone’s estate plan, as anyone could become incapacitated at any time, even celebrities. It was recently reported that reality star Kim Kardashian has created her own living will. There had been rumors circulating that Kardashian had included a particular detail in her living will that had many individuals wondering whether it was true.

In a recent interview, she confirmed that part of her living will dictates that her hair, makeup and nails should remain kept up in the event that she becomes incapacitated. She stated that this stipulation was included because she wants to “look as good as possible.” Further details on this portion of her plan were not provided in the report.

As this situation shows, individuals can include a variety of information in their estate planning documents. If New York residents want to create a living will, they may want to consider what type of health care, palliative care and personal care they may want to receive in the event of incapacitation. Interested individuals may wish to consult with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to determine what type of information may go into this type of document.

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