It can often prove difficult to bring up sensitive topics with loved ones. When it comes to talking about potentially needing long-term care or what to do in the event of incapacitation, some family members may feel uncomfortable. However, taking the time to have these conversations and to create a living will could help New York residents prevent certain complications.

One major reason that individuals put off having these conversations and making plans is that they think they have more time. Unfortunately, this manner of thinking may leave loved ones facing difficult decisions due to a sudden accident or illness that leaves a family member incapacitated. When care instructions are not clear, loved ones may face confusion, complications and conflict. 

While many older individuals have created plans and directives for such instructions, they may not have discussed their wishes with their families. As a result, issues could still arise when the time comes to implement the instructions, even if those issues only relate to loved ones’ feelings in regard to those wishes. Additionally, it may help individuals to ensure that their loved ones know who will have the power to make important care-related decisions.

living will and other care-related documents could make up an important part of any comprehensive estate plan. New York residents who are interested in getting their affairs in order may wish to further explore their planning options. If individuals would like assistance to make sure that they utilize the best tools for their circumstances, they may wish to enlist the help of knowledgeable attorneys.

Source:, “Make your health care wishes known“, Donald Letendre, April 17, 2018