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Adult children may be considering their parents’ long-term care

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Medicaid Planning For Nursing Home And Home Health Care Expenses |

Many children think the world of their parents. As they grow older, they may come to realize that their parents are not as invincible as they once thought, however. In fact, there may come a time when a parent needs long-term care, and New York residents may need to make decisions regarding the best way to obtain and pay for that care.

When considering their options, they may need to ask themselves various questions to determine the amount of help their parents may need. For instance, if a parent cannot maintain personal hygiene or walk to various areas of the home without risk of falling, he or she may need constant supervision. Adult children may also want to consider their parents’ mental states and if they may exhibit various states of confusion.

Once the amount of help needed is determined, children may then want to think about whether the parent could utilize in-home care or whether residence at a nursing home facility would better suit the circumstances. Either way, the costs of care can prove expensive. Children may want to explore the amount of assets available that could go toward care expenses. 

In some cases, Medicaid may be able to help with certain costs. However, New York residents need to meet the qualifications before obtaining such assistance. Children involved with working on their parents’ long-term care plans may wish to consider what steps could potentially be taken to possibly plan for qualifying for Medicaid. Speaking with attorneys knowledgeable in this area may prove helpful to individuals concerned with care plans and covering expenses.

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