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Estate planning documents relating to health care often vital

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2018 | Advance Health Care Directives |

Medical attention is often necessary in various situations when a person’s health is in question. As individuals age, they may become more aware of the fact that they could one day need extended care due to incapacitation or in the event of a possibly terminal condition. When these situations arises, New York residents will undoubtedly want to have the right estate planning documents in place.

There are two different documents that could come into play in this type of situation. First, a living will can detail a person’s care wishes to doctors in the event that he or she cannot explain those wishes him or herself. Often, this document can indicate whether a person wants to be left on life support or other similar devices when the body cannot function on its own. Of course, it can also include other important care information.

The second type of health care-related document is the power of attorney. This planning tool allows for an individual to appoint an agent who will be in charge of making health care decisions when the person granting the power cannot make decisions on his or her own. The document can detail the person’s wishes for care as well as instructions for the agent to follow when making certain decisions.

Both of these estate planning documents can play important roles in a person’s life. Even if the tools do not need using, it can still be beneficial to have the safeguards in place. If New York residents are interested in exploring these options for health care planning, they may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys.


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