It can be unsettling for many people to think about the possibility of suffering from a serious medical condition. However, it is a scenario that many people in New York and across the country face. Rather than avoiding the possibility and letting a situation become chaotic, it may be wise for individuals to consider creating a living will.

A living will allows parties to detail how they would like their care handled in the event of an incapacitating condition. It can be difficult to decide how to leave instructions for such care, but it may help individuals to remember that there are no right or wrong answers in this type of situation. By assessing personal desires, any religious or spiritual beliefs, and other considerations, people may have a better time determining what could be best for their particular situations.

Some aspects that many people like to consider when thinking about a living will include do not resuscitate orders and whether they would like to use feedings tubes or other devices to stay alive. Individuals may also want to consider who they would like to make decisions in such situations by creating a power of attorney document. Because these documents are legally binding when created correctly, doctors and other medical staff are typically required to abide by the instructions.

living will can be an immensely useful document. While the idea of thinking about unfortunate scenarios can seem dark, many families appreciate having these instructions. If New York residents are ready to create such a document or learn more about their uses, they may wish to consult with estate planning attorneys.