When making important decisions that involve other people, it is often wise to discuss the situation with the other parties involved. For example, if a New York resident wants to appoint a loved one or other trusted party to make medical decisions for him or her in the event of incapacitation, it is important to talk about those wishes. In some cases, the person given power of attorney may need to broach the topic.

While it is beneficial to create a power of attorney document to put someone in charge of important medical decisions, that person also needs to know the right decisions to make. Unfortunately, even after making appointments, few individuals actually talk about their specific care wishes with their appointed agents. If parties have not made appointments, it is even more likely that loved ones do not know their wishes.

When it comes to talking about this type of scenario, the appointed person may want to ask questions to make his or her duties more clear. Having this discussion can allow a power of attorney agent to make sure the patient’s desired care methods are followed. It may also be wise for the agent to obtain a copy of the power of attorney document as it may contain information that could provide further instruction.

Creating a power of attorney document is certainly an important part of estate planning. However, talking with loved ones about the information in this document is also vital. If New York residents are ready to appoint someone to this important role, they may wish to discuss the legal procedure with their attorney and plan to have important discussions with their chosen agents.