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How do you know you’ve picked a good estate executor?

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New York residents like you work hard to build your assets up. You want to make sure your loved ones get the care they need after you pass. To do that, you need an estate plan.

One of the first and most crucial components of this plan is your estate executor. This person will act as a point of contact for everyone throughout the probate process. Because of the crucial role they play, you must take your time deciding who you want.

Skills executors should have

Forbes discusses ways of looking through your estate executor picks. They focus in on three things: availability, leadership skills and personal compatibility. First, an executor must have open availability to work on a time-consuming project. Probate often takes years to finish. If your chosen executor has any big life changes or personal projects coming up, they may not fit what you need. This can include plans to move to another country, starting a family, or starting a new business.

An executor should have a certain amount of skills as a professional, too. It is not necessary for them to have history as an executor. But they should have strong organizational skills. They should have communication skills. It helps if they can deescalate situations, too. After all, they will handle communications with your lawyer. They must also communicate with your family members and loved ones.

Selecting someone that fits you personally

Finally, they should have similar thoughts and morals to you. They should be on the “same page”, so to say. A good test is seeing if they answer questions in the same way you do. After all, they will represent you after you no longer can. It is crucial that they represent you in the light you wish.


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