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What are potential signs of undue influence?

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New York residents like you work hard to ensure that your estate provides you with everything you need in life. Going a step beyond that, you want to ensure that it provides for your loved ones after your death, too.

Thus, you want to ensure that your estate plan makes it intact to the next generation. You want to avoid any potential issues that may happen with your estate plan, including issues borne from manipulation.

What is the aim of a manipulator?

The American Bar Association examines manipulative tactics used when trying to change an estate plan. These tactics often show if a manipulator is attempting to exert undue influence over you. They do so in an attempt to change your estate plan so it is more favorable to them. In most instances, they want a beneficiary removed or added.

Thus, keep on the lookout for classic manipulative tools and tricks. First, make sure you have an advocate who can speak for you, whom you trust. This person should have your best interest in mind. If you get into a situation where you are easily confused or misled, this person can step in and redirect or defend you.

What manipulative tactics may be used?

Next, keep an eye open for common tactics used by manipulators and abusers. A person who aims to influence your decisions later may start setting the stage early. They may try gaining control over more assets in your life, including your scheduling and finances. They may also begin trying to isolate you, such as refusing to allow loved ones to visit. If you notice any of these signs early, they could act as red flags and you should keep an eye on them.


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