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Verdict & Settlement Highlight – Barrie E. Bazarsky

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Barrie E. Bazarsky was recently highlighted for her work in the New York Law Journal in a recent personal injury case. Barrie Bazarsky’s client was the operator of car #1 in a four-car accident. Property damage to his vehicle was under $1,000. Despite that, his concussion and other injuries evolved over the next three months until he could no longer work at a job that held for 30 years. He developed PTSD and chronic pain. The 4th car (the responsible party) had a $100,000 policy with Geico, which was tendered. The client had a $250,000 policy with Liberty Mutual (who was also the no fault carrier here), of which $150,000 was available under law. They offered $20,000 prior to arbitration (in addition to the $100,000).
We had our treating psychiatrist and chiropractor testify and the insurance carrier had a neuropsychologist testify. Notably, Liberty Mutual had four positive psychiatric evaluations of the claimant in its role as no fault carrier. Barrie Bazarsky pointed that out as they chose to have a person of a different profession testify at the hearing. After (SUM) arbitration, Futterman, Lanza & Pasculli’s client was awarded the full additional amount of $150,000 (the arbitrator approved that the aggregate case was worth “in excess of $250,000”).



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