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Motorcycle accidents from a personal injury lawyer’s perspective

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Barrie's Banter |

Some of my most devastatingly injured clients are those operating motorcycles. Obviously, there is nothing to protect the operator from the impact received.

Motorcycles cannot carry no fault and so any medical bills are paid by personal health insurance. The other car is not responsible for that which no fault would have covered if you were operating a car. You can purchase some level of “med pay” via motorcycle coverage, but it will be limited.

Make sure your personal medical insurance does not exclude injuries from a motorcycle accident.

Of course, the offending vehicle is responsible for pain and suffering but as in my previous discussions, it is imperative that you secure supplemental uninsured/underinsured coverage (SUM) to further protect yourself. Discuss this coverage with your insurance broker or agent. You must see if you can obtain it via your motorcycle coverage, or if you also insure a car, it may better in that policy (or a combined policy).

Remember, you must ask the right questions. The insurance person is not your fiduciary – meaning they do not have a duty under the law to do anything but to provide what you request. That is why I make myself available to review my clients’ motor vehicle policies to explain what they have actually bought.

Be aware that certain insurance policies are sold through dedicated brokers – they only work for that carrier. There are also independent brokers who can compare policies and write through multiple carriers.

In my next blog, I will discuss an interesting motorcycle case.

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