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Challenges that families face when looking at nursing homes

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Families who are helping a loved one transition into a nursing home or assisted living facility have to process an overwhelming amount of information and make some very difficult decisions. At a time when people are feeling scared and vulnerable about what will happen with their health and living situation, they are relying on their families for support and guidance. The right course of action is not always straightforward.

There can be a lot of emotional and financial worry involved with a transition into a supportive housing environment. Here are some of the most anxiety-provoking challenges that families face when looking at nursing homes.


The average cost of living in a nursing home in the Long Island area is between $17,000 and $19,000 per month. This staggering cost can rapidly deplete a family’s savings.

Quality of care

People have to carefully weigh the cost of a specific facility with the quality of care that it provides. Choosing a facility that offers good care may be vital to a person’s ability to stay healthy and happy in his or her new environment.

Qualifying for benefits

People may need to apply for Medicaid coverage to afford care. Eligibility may be contingent on many different economic factors relating to a person’s assets and income.

Thorough research into specific facilities as well as thoughtful financial preparation can make the process of entering assisted living less worrisome and onerous. When people get the information that they need to help their loved ones make informed decisions, they can provide their families with invaluable reassurance and peace of mind.


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