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Do you know how to pick a nursing home?

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As you and your spouse age, or your parents begin to age, you should consider that there may be a need for a nursing home. Finding a quality facility can take some time and you may want to begin looking early.

Before you start searching for a nursing home, you should consider your insurance. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that your Medicaid benefits could cover several different kinds of care. Medicaid can help cover the costs of nursing homes that cater to seniors with physical disabilities or mental illnesses. As you begin the search, consider whether a facility accepts Medicaid. Many do but some may not.

What to look for in a nursing home

Facilities may offer different benefits. As you visit each place, consider what is most important to you. These questions could help guide your search:

  • Does the quality of care meet the guidelines laid out by Medicare?
  • Does the facility offer private spaces for visiting with family?
  • Are there opportunities to engage in recreational and social activities?
  • Does the nursing home offer transportation?
  • Can the facility meet your dietary needs?

As you interview nursing home staff, their answers to your questions can help you narrow down your options. We would also be happy to help you make this selection as our attorneys visit clients in local nursing homes and are familiar with them.

How to conduct interviews

You may need to meet with staff members from several facilities before you find one that suits you best. Setting up an appointment ensures that you will have plenty of time to ask questions. The staff should be willing to address all your concerns. Additionally, they may arrange for you to speak with some of the residents or their families. However, you should also stop by the nursing home after your appointment. This can help you see how the facility functions daily.

You may want to arrange long-term nursing home care before you need it.


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