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Planning for your funeral

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Estate Planning |

The more complete your estate plan, the simpler it will make things for those grieving your loss after your pass.  Setting out your own funeral wishes is one area many people overlook.

There are a few ways to accomplish planning for after your death.   One way is to pre-plan a funeral through a local funeral home, which is more common than one might think.  The funeral can be planned and paid for in advance with the details laid out.  This not only takes the emotional and financial burden off your loved ones after you pass but guarantees you will have your wishes met.

Another way to accomplish the planning is with a disposition of remains document and/or a letter of instruction.  These documents include pertinent information about where you would like to be buried and/or cremation wishes.  They can also dictate smaller details, such as the type of music you wish to be played at your funeral or the color of clothing you would like mourners to wear to your burial.

A letter of instruction is not a legally binding document and can also include information such as:

  • Whom to contact when you die;
  • The location of essential documents;
  • Bill paying and subscription cancellation information; and
  • Online passwords.

While pre-planning for your death is not for everyone, many clients have decided it is one more way to relieve extra stress and aggravation for their loved ones during a difficult time.


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