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Motor vehicle insurance review by a personal injury attorney

by | May 2, 2023 | Barrie's Banter |

I always educate my clients and people at seminars about the importance and impact of having property automobile insurance coverage.

A 19 year old client of mine was a passenger in his friend’s truck which was involved in a single car accident (it hit a tree). My client was severely injured. The truck was owned and operated by his 19 year old friend and was insured under a minimum policy of $25,000/$50,000 by the savvy father of the driver – shielding himself from larger liability.

Thankfully, my client’s mother, who drove a vehicle for work only, was smart enough to purchase a supplemental automobile policy in the amount of $250,000. As a result, a $25,000 recovery became a $250,000 recovery.

How did I know to check all additional insurance possibilities? Because I only practice in the area of plaintiff’s personal injury. It makes a difference.


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