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Trust funding is essential

While there are a multitude of different trust types, they all have one thing in common:  Every trust must be “funded” with assets in order to receive the intended benefit.  Funding a trust is arguably the most important (and most neglected) step when utilizing a...

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When is a gift tax owed?

It is not uncommon for the topic of gifting to come up during a routine estate planning consultation. A grantor can accomplish different things by gifting assets. Whatever the goal, once a client expresses interest in gifting, the question inevitably becomes: How much...

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Estate plans are not set in stone

You should never delay implementing an estate plan simply because you may need to change it down the road.  As long as you have the requisite mental capacity, you can always amend your estate plan as your life progresses. When you are young, you may only need a Power...

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