Preserving & Protecting Your Family’s Assets & Legacy

How Elder Law Attorneys Prepare Clients for Today and Tomorrow’s Planning Challenges

Elder law is an area of the law that requires knowledge of all benefits and programs integral to aging and healthcare. Elder law practitioners are required to be proficient regarding long-term care insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, probate, trusts, and retirement funds, in addition to other fields. At Futterman, Lanza & Pasculli, LLP, you benefit from over 75 years of combined experience dealing with these issues.

We Assist You in Achieving your Long-Term Goals

The ideal is to plan for future needs and goals as early as possible. Crisis planning limits a client’s options.  There are greater opportunities for asset preservation before an illness or death occurs, particularly in preparing for the potential costs of long-term care at home or in a facility.  Strategies such as personal caregiver contracts, long-term care insurance, and trusts are more readily available when there aren’t time constraints.

Crisis Planning

Unfortunately, many clients come to us during an emergency with no prior plans or documents in place.  Some common situations are as follows:

  • A loved one has had a stroke and cannot return home without daily assistance
  • An elderly parent has developed dementia and needs more care than the family can provide
  • A caregiver has financially exploited a parent or grandparent.

An elder law attorney’s guidance can help distressed families with timely and appropriate solutions to these scenarios.

Let Us Help You Develop the Strategies Necessary to Attain your Planning Goals

Elder law is a passion and at the heart of our mission at Futterman, Lanza & Pasculli, LLP.  We believe in client-centric planning. By learning directly from you of your hopes and concerns, a plan is developed specifically tailored to attain for your needs.

Schedule a free consultation so we can assist with any emergency health care challenges facing a family member. We will also advise you on the documents necessary to assure that well-informed decisions are made that may affect your health and assets. Our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind.

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