Personal Injury Case Results

Below is a selection of successful recoveries that attorney Barrie E. Bazarsky has obtained for her clients. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

A Devastating Car Accident: $400,000

Our client came to us after being told that she didn’t have a claim. We believe in fighting for our clients and told her that we would take on her case. Her car was hit when driving through an intersection on a green light and she wound up with surgeries on both arms. We demonstrated that the defendant was not telling the truth and won a sizeable award for our client.

A Deli Slip And Fall: $350,000

A quick stop at a deli turned into a nightmare for our client when she tripped over a negligently placed rope, sustaining factures of her elbow and knee. Both injuries required surgery once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Due to the delay in treatment, the insurance carrier alleged that surgeries were not related to the accident. We fought for our client in a consensual mediation and won the compensation she deserved.

The Speeding Driver: $250,000

While making a left turn, our client was hit by a speeding driver who was not using their headlights. A broken arm and two surgeries later, she missed time from work and lost wages. The defendant’s insurance company offered a low settlement, so we went to arbitration and won the full amount after the hearing.

A Bicycle Accident And A Six-Figure Judgement

Our client was riding his bicycle down a hill when a car made a left in front of him. He was unable to stop, hit the car and flipped over. He ended up with 150 painful stiches to his knee. The defendant’s insurance company offered an unfair and low settlement based on the statement of an eyewitness. We took the case to trial and discredited the witness, eventually winning six figures for our client.

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