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New York State Is Falling Behind Reviewing Nursing Home Complaints

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2016 | Elder Law |

A decline in ombudsmen, minimal state funding and increasingly complex complaint cases are leaving senior citizens in New York State without the advocacy resources they need and deserve. Alarmingly, New York State investigates far fewer cases than most states – and this is in light of the fact that New York has the largest population of nursing home residents in the country.

A drop in the number of nursing home complaints – but let’s examine why

The Long Term Care Community Coalition recently released a report that revealed an 80 percent drop in the number of complaints by nursing home residents from 2007 to 2012. On the surface, this may appear to be the result of an improvement in care and available facilities. The reality, however, is far from that. Care within nursing home facilities in the State of New York is continuing to decline as a result of an aging population, declining staff levels and an increase in health care costs. In fact, the national nonprofit Families for Better Care gave New York an F grade for its nursing home care and facilities.

Will you know what kind of nursing home your loved will be moving to?

These facts are disturbing and upsetting, particularly to those who are aging or family members who are searching for a nursing home facility for a loved one. It highlights the importance of hiring a legal professional in New York who specializes in working with the elderly and their families.

The right law firm can work with your family and provide you with detailed, accurate information about nursing home facilities and assisted living centers throughout New York. Elder law attorneys such as Felicia Pasculli, in the Long Island Community of Bay Shore uses her legal expertise to guide you through this complicated process, ensuring that you select the best nursing home facility that will provide your loved one with the care they need at a price you can afford. When making such an important decision, you don’t want to feel isolated and alone.

Your elderly loved ones’ care is at stake. Partner with an expert law firm that will guide you and assist you with all of your choices.


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