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Client Testimonials

Wonderful firm. Have been represented by Barrie Bazarsky, Senior Associate, personal injury for a car accident. Barrie has been amazing. Always available when ever I call, kept me updated and informed on my case and was dynamic representing me to an arbitrator. I could not have asked for a better attorney. Barrie is kind, understanding yet firm. She kept me focused and calm. Words can only begin to express how grateful I am. I highly recommend Barrie to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. Thank you. Mark Keicher
— Jeannette Keicher

No one can understand how taxing and stressful it is to start elder care planning for their folks until that day arrives. As with most, our family waited until we saw signs our elderly parents were failing in their normal routine, health care, bills etc. And by the time reality kicked in, we were in crisis mode. Where to begin? All friends and family have different opinions. To consult with a lawyer, comes that natural apprehension, are you doing the right thing.

Through an Alzheimer’s seminar and by chance recommendation of an acquaintance my family was introduced to Ron Lanza of the Elder Care Law Firm of Futterman Lanza & Pasculli. A decision we never regretted.

I never was manipulated, coerced and felt like I had to make a decision upon my first initial meeting. In fact, because of my indecisiveness (paralysis by analysis) I had several consultation meetings, phone calls, emails, requesting more information, explanations, and advice before I made a decision to proceed with their services.

It was like working with family. Every employee was so concerned, caring and so involved with our whole process. Assisting with Medicaid, finances, deeds, trusts, reviewing their wills and power of attorney, and most important, invaluable elder care life advice. Advice I can’t even begin to put a price tag on. Advice that can only be passed on by the staff’s experience of helping countless families in similar situations. They all made sure our parents would receive the most financial, secure, safe, healthy and stress free years they deserved. Honestly, at times I felt this staff were helping us as if they were my siblings. A level of service and concern from years gone by.

To Ron, Michele, Nancy, Norma, Gwen, Sharyn and all the others that have worked for us behind the scenes, we thank you on behalf of mom and dad!

Warm thanks and appreciation,
Steve D. Babylon NY

P.S. To those reading this review. just meet them, it doesn’t cost a thing, just meet them… you’ll see.

I never felt as helpless as I did the day after my mom’s stroke. I needed to find a lawyer quickly to help me navigate this maze called Medicaid. Honestly, I hadn’t planned well. After sitting down with 3 laws firms who claimed to be experts in the field, it became apparent to me that there was little possibility of a successful outcome. It was at this point that a friend recommended Felicia.

Unlike the other firms, she asked a ton of questions, not only about my case, but also about my mom and our relationship over the years. In that first meeting I walked away thinking she really understood everything.

Over the course of the next few months the firm worked tenaciously and expertly and overcame every obstacle thrown in their way.

I felt like I was their only client at times because the whole firm seemed to get involved.

Excuse the cliche, but they were wolves in sheep’s clothing: as nice as they were to me, when dealing with the other side, they were aggressive and extremely knowledgeable. They prevailed. I prevailed. This is my first and only testimonial in my life, but they went the extra mile for me, and so I’m taking the time to thank them. One caveat: meet with Felicia early and set up a plan-don’t wait like I did.

Steve (a valued client)

It’s hard to believe it has been a year. Thank you both (Aaron Futterman and Judy DiFranco) for helping me with this process. As I am sure you know it’s hard to think clearly when grief stricken and family dynamics are so challenging. I know you have seen it all before and I appreciate your expertise. My Mom was a great lady – I just wanted to do right by her and make sure her intentions were met. You helped make that a reality.


Mr Futterman and the rest of the office staff were amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. Mr Futterman was particularly kind to my father who happened to be very sick at the time. I am a Physician and skeptical of lawyers in general. However I give Mr Futterman, who is also a CPA, my highest recommendation!

Felicia handled my late mother’s health care planning and probate estate. She was extremely diligent and accessible. She personally guided our family through the complexities of nursing home and hospice coverage. Her staff is caring and competent. I don’t believe we would have received the same degree of attention from any other firm.

We thank you for your time and great advice. We will be contacting you in future for other matters.

-Linda and Ken

I’ll always be grateful for your part because it wouldn’t have turned out in my favor without your help. Thank you so much.

Best, Marietta

I just want to say that I can’t thank you both enough, and Michele as well, for ALL your help…also…so very thankful that he lived to his last day in his own home…which was only possible with ALL your help….Again, I can’t thank you enough again and for all your kindness along the way. You gave my dad a gift in keeping him in his own home & saving all that he worked his whole life for.

Warm Regards, Marian

Want to thank you for taking the time to meet with the group. You educated them, assured them they were doing the right thing, and guided them if there was a better way to go. Thank you especially for your time.

From a Senior Group organizer

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful attorney Jaclyn Kramer is. I called after I lost my husband after 48 years together. She was not only kind and understanding but she spent the time I needed and really listened. In my grief I kept forgetting things I needed in the will, so I had to keep calling her. She made everything so much easier on me. She is a valued asset to your firm and I am thankful I had her to take care of my estate.

Sincerely, Stephanie R.

Thank you for your help in getting me through this complicated stage of my life. I am deeply grateful for all you are doing for me and my family.

A FLP client

I just wanted to say thank you. Although words cannot describe really how grateful I am for what you did for me. I truly appreciate your generosity. Christine was awesome, so very kind and helpful.

Thank You Again, Toni Ann

Thank you so much for having shared your expertise with our members concerning Veterans benefits. The update was very useful and important. The feedback has been excellent…Thank you so much for your time and efforts. You were an integral part of the success of the program.

Chris & Joan & Judie

Thanks so much for your assistance and patience!…It’s been a very rough year for our family but you and your staff helped us get through it!

Mary P and family

Thank you both for your kindness and concern and patience with us…Again thank you so much for everything.


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