Many people suffer cognitive decline as they get older. In some cases, the decline may be more severe than others due to diseases like Alzheimer’s, and family members may need to make tough decisions on how to care for their ailing loved ones. It is not unusual for New York residents to want to care for a parent or other loved one themselves, but it is also possible that nursing home care may be necessary.

It is no secret that taking on the role of caregiver can be a stressful and sometimes thankless position. Individuals may easily feel overwhelmed and worry about whether they are even making the right decisions for their loved ones. Of course, in some cases, they may not have the legal right to make certain decisions, and it could prove wise to move forward with obtaining a financial power of attorney if the loved one has not declined too far to make such an appointment.

In a best case scenario, the power of attorney appointment would already be made as well as plans for long-term care. Unfortunately, not everyone plans ahead, and caregivers may wonder how to pay for in-home or nursing home care. Obtaining important financial documents may help with this step.

Another action that could help determine the best plans for in-home or nursing home care is to enlist the help of an attorney. Legal professionals can help New York caregivers understand their rights when it comes to making decisions for loved ones and how they can help create a plan for care in advance. A number of options may be available depending on the circumstances, and having the right information could prove invaluable.