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Why might you need Medicaid?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Medicaid Planning |

The Medicaid program can provide you with benefits and coverage that you may not get through other health insurance you have, including Medicare. 

According to, your eligibility for this program depends on your income level because it is only for low-income individuals. The program is available to people of all ages, but it has some special rules for seniors. 


The reason why you may want to get Medicaid coverage even if you have other health insurance is that it will usually cover expenses your other benefits may not. If you have coverage through this program, it will boost the benefits you get from Medicare by paying for expenses that go beyond the limits of Medicare. 

Some examples of coverage you will get through Medicaid that Medicare cannot offer are prescription drugs, hearing aids and eyeglasses. 


There are four parts or coverages under Medicaid. Part A provides you benefits for hospitalization. Part B covers services from a doctor, such as x-rays, outpatient services and lab work. It also covers medical equipment. Part C is the Medicaid Advantage Plan that works like a PPO or HMO. The final part, Part D, pays for prescription drugs. 

Medicaid can provide you with the full coverage that you need as you age. It enables you to get different types of care or services that you otherwise could not if you did not have this insurance. It fills in the holes of Medicare to ensure that you can afford medical care when you do not have the income or assets to pay for it on your own. 


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