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What can you expect from TBI treatment?

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Barrie's Banter |

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury can affect your entire life. Your road to recovery depends on the diagnosis and severity of your injury. According to the National Institutes of Health, various treatments may eliminate different emotional, physical and cognitive problems from traumatic brain injuries.

Your physician may prescribe medication and rehabilitation therapy.

Types of medications to treat symptoms of TBI

It is normal to have anxiety or depression after an accident. You may require anti-anxiety or depression medication to help with the symptoms. Additionally, some doctors may provide muscle relaxants to help with muscle spasms or stimulants to help you stay alert.

Rehabilitation to recover loss of function from TBI

Rehabilitation therapy may refer to physical, speech or occupational therapy. Following a TBI, you may have difficulties with self-care, driving, working or interacting with others in your daily life. TBIs can affect your emotional, cognitive and physical health. Starting in the hospital, nurses and doctors may work with you to help you regain function. Your rehabilitation is a team effort between your doctors, family and yourself.

In physical therapy, you learn to build physical strength. You may have to learn new ways to interact with the world around you. You may need to know to use a wheelchair, walker or crutches if you have difficulty walking. Often, traumatic brain injuries also result in a loss of communication skills. Speech therapists help you relearn how to form words, use special communication devices or find other ways to communicate effectively.

The changes you have to make to your life may be overwhelming. To help you cope with the changes and deal with the mental burden, you may require counseling in rehabilitation.


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