Dedicated Long Island Construction Accident Lawyer

Last updated on July 8, 2024

Construction sites are dangerous not only to workers but also to people visiting them, such as delivery personnel, and to passersby. When accidents happen and injuries occur, top-notch medical care may make a difference. In addition, legal representation is essential. The average person does not have the knowledge and skills that it takes to recover fair compensation for the injured.

Legal Representation That You Need After A Construction Accident

At Futterman, Lanza & Pasculli, LLP, on Long Island, our construction accident lawyers offer free consultations and provide detailed information to people who have suffered injuries as well as to family members after catastrophic and fatal accidents.

Who Needs A Lawyer’s Attention After A Construction Accident?

The following sample scenarios are illustrative of the cases that our personal injury attorney, Barrie Bazarsky, handles for our clients.

  • A passerby suffers a head injury due to a falling object at a construction site on Long Island or in the New York City area.
  • Someone such as an inspector who is visiting a construction site trips over debris and suffers a serious injury.
  • An injured construction worker, in addition to having a workers’ compensation claim, has a third-party liability claim against someone other than their employer. Our law firm offers legal services for the prosecution of third-party liability claims that are separate from workers’ comp claims.

In any such set of circumstances, we urge you to contact attorney Barrie Bazarsky right away. It is important for her to have the chance to gather evidence before it disappears. Eyewitness testimonies, photos of the accident scene, surveillance video footage, and construction material samples may all be important in your case. The sooner an investigation begins, the more likely it is that your case can be well-developed.

Turn To An Experienced, Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney For Information And A Path To Relief

Our Long Island construction accident lawyers are dedicated to maximizing your recovery. With offices in Smithtown, Bay Shore, and Garden City, our law firm primarily represents clients throughout Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County) and the Metro New York area.

Ms. Barrie Bazarsky, our personal injury attorney, has three decades of experience in personal injury law. She has received many strong client testimonials and delivered results that brought renewed hope to people injured in construction accidents. She also helps family members bring wrongful death claims.

To schedule a free consultation, call 631-894-4730 or send an email inquiry and get an appointment on our calendar and yours.

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